The college has a Teachers’ Association called Dhanamanjuri College of Science Teachers’ Association (DMCOSTA). The executive committee for the period 2019-2021 comprises:

  1. President                                 Dr. N. Ibotombi Singh            (Dept. of Geology)
  2. Vice-President                        Dr. P. Binodini Devi               (Dept. of Anthropology)
  3. General Secretary                    Dr. L. Rajen Singh                  (Dept. of Physics)
  4. Joint Secretary                        Dr. K. Anthony Singh            (Dept. of Mathematics)
  5. Joint Secretary                        Dr. N. Sarita Devi                   (Dept. of Environmental Science)
  6. Treasurer                                 Dr. Mairembam Bina Devi      (Dept. of Mathematics)
  7. Executive Member                  Dr. N. Uma Devi                    (Dept. of Zoology)
  8. Executive Member                  Dr. R.K. Chandrakumar Singh (Dept. of Phy. Edn. & Sports)
  9. Executive Member                  Dr. Ch. Sarat Singh                 (Dept. of English)
  10. Executive Member                  Dr. O. Tomba Singh                (Dept. of Statistics)
  11. Executive Member                  Th. Biswajit                             (Dept. of Electronics)
  12. Executive Member                  Ksh. Ameeta Devi                  (Dept. of Chemistry)
  13. Executive Member                                                                  (Dept. of Botany)
  14. Executive Member                                                                  (Dept. of Defence Studies)
  15. Executive Member                                                                  (Dept. of Computer Science)