The Dhanamanjuri College of Science (D.M. College of Science) is one of the Constituent Colleges of Dhanamanjuri University and it is the oldest Science College in Manipur which came into existence in the year 1975. The name Dhanamanjuri was given in recognition of the valuable service rendered by the Maharani Dhanamanjuri, the then Maharani of Manipur and wife of Maharaja Churachand Singh.  Maharani Dhanamanjuri generously donated a sum of Rs. 10, 000/- (Rupees Ten thousand) only and established Dhanamanjuri College (D.M. College) on the 6th August, 1946.

In 1975, D.M. College was bifurcated into D.M. College of Science and D.M. College of Arts and Commerce. D.M. College of Arts & Commerce was again bifurcated into D.M. College of Arts and D.M. College of Commerce separately on 6th August 1996.

D.M. College of Science, Imphal was recognized under section 2 (f) & 12 (B) of the UGC Act 1956 in 1972 and got affiliation to Manipur University, Canchipur in 1981. The college imparts undergraduate (B.Sc. & B.P.E.S.) and post graduate programmes in different science subjects (Anthropology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Electronics, Mathematics, Physics, Physical Education & Sports Science and Zoology). Moreover, Ph.D. programmes are also undertaking in the above areas of subjects. Further, Dhanamanjuri Community College was also established in 2014 at D.M. College of Science under the UGC Scheme of Community College. UGC-DDU KAUSHAL Kendra was also established at D.M. Community College. The community college is imparting B.Voc. in food processing, and Certificate and Diploma in various paramedical and multimedia courses.

Under the National Scheme of Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), Government of India, the State Government recently established Dhanamanjuri University (D.M. University) in 2018 under “The Dhanamanjuri University Act, 2017” by clustering five colleges, viz, Dhanamanjuri College of Science (D.M. College of Science), Dhanamanjuri College of Arts (D.M. College of Arts), Dhanamanjuri College of Commerce (D.M. College of Commerce), Ghanapriya Women’s College (G.P. Women’s College) and Lairenmayum Sheibyashachi Law College (L.M.S. Law College), all of which occupy common, adjoining or neighbouring physical spaces. The D.M. University got recognition under section 2 (f) of the UGC Act 1956 and the recognition under 12 (B) of the UGC Act 1956 is in active process.



To make an Institution that can provide need-based, skill-integrated, cost-effective, holistic and innovative education for shaping a responsible citizen and for making a tangible contribution in the sphere of transforming quality higher education in the state as well as in the country.


  • To give an innovative and creativity knowledge to the students and to disseminate the same among themselves.
  • To provide holistic education through perfect and advanced syllabi and curriculum.
  • To acquire pedagogic innovations among students for enabling employability and self-employment.
  • To undertake research activities contributing knowledge and skills for the development of nation.



Sl. No.NameFromTo
1.K. GOURO06.08.194607.12.1946
2.R.R. THOMAS09.12.194631.05.1947
3.P.N. MITRA07.07.194710.10.1947
4.DWIJAMANI DEV SHARMA10.10.194713.08.1948
5.N.B. SINHA14.09.194822.11.1949
6.S.N. CHATTARJEE23.11.194930.01.1954
7.N.B. SINHA31.01.195422.05.1957
8.S.N. KAUL23.05.195722.08.1965 (FN)
9.N.B. SINHA22.08.1965 (AN)19.10.1966
10.N.C. SEN20.10.1966 (FN)25.10.1969 (FN)
11.A. BRAJAMANI SINGH25.10.1969 (FN)11.08.1975


Sl. No.NameFromTo
1.A. BRAJAMANI SINGH11.08.197521.08.1979 (AN)
2.N.C. SEN21.08.1979 (AN)31.03.1984 (AN)
3.DR. P. RAIKUMAR SINGH31.03.1984 (AN)06.02.1985 (FN)
4.DR. D.S. SHARMA06.02.1985 (FN)31.03.1992 (AN)
5.DR. R.K. SANAJAOBA01.04.1992 (FN)31.10.1993(AN)
6.Y. CHANDICHARAN SINGH31.10.1993(AN)13.05.1994(FN)
7.CH. IBOTOMBI SINGH13.05.1994(FN)05.10.1994(FN)
8.DR. N. IBOBI SINGH05.10.1994(FN)01.12.1995 (FN)
9.DR. N. NILA SINGH01.12.1995 (FN)31.01.1999 (AN)
10.L. SUNITA DEVI01.02.1999 (FN)31.07.1999 (AN)
11.DR. H. KULACHANDRA SHARMA31.07.1999 (AN)31.12.2000 (AN)
12.DR. M.R. CHAKRAVORTY01.01.2001 (FN)31.01.2001 (AN)
13.KH. NETRAJIT SINGH01.02.2001 (FN)04.06.2001 (FN)
14.DR. TH. SHANTI DEVI04.06.2001 (FN)28.02.2002 (AN)
15.DR. H. MODHUSUDAN SINGH01.03.2002 (FN)31.08.2002 (AN)
16.DR. K. NABACHANDRA SHARMA01.09.2002 (FN)28.04.2003
17.KH. NETRAJIT SINGH29.04.2003 (FN)04.02.2004
18.TH. BEDAMANI DEVI05.02.2004 (FN)29.02.2008 (FN)
19.NG. BRAJAKUMAR SINGH29.02.2008 (AN)04.08.2008 (AN)
20.G. TOMBA SHARMA04.08.2008 (AN)31.10.2009 (AN)
21.DR. A. KANANBALA DEVI31.10.2009 (AN)28.02.2010 (AN)
22.DR. P. RANABIR SINGH11.03.2010 (FN)31.08.2017 (AN)
23.DR. N. IBOTOMBI SINGH08.09.2017 (FN)01.04.2018 (FN)


The college had been accredited B++ Grade by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council, an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi) in 2006 and reaccredited with CGPA of 2.88 on four point scale at B Grade in 2011. The college also got the status of College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) under UGC scheme in 2011-2012.